How to lose 10 pounds - Physical activities

This blog is not suggesting any hard workout program for losing weight. Here you can find the useful tips to stay fit and lose weight naturally. All these physical activities are simple and very effective in burning calories. Before reading full article it is recommended that you should read this Article : How to lose 10 pounds

1: Avoid sitting down for long periods of time. Today most of the jobs are sitting jobs. And sitting down for long periods of time can develop back or neck pain. It may increase your weight. So take a break and you can walk around the hallways from time to time or every half an hour.

2. Consume plenty of water. Water has no calories. You should drink at least 24 ounces of water per day, particularly since you will be exercising. Our body needs lots of water so give in to water. As you wake up, take a glass of water. Do not consume too much water during meals. Drinking too much water during meals can interfere with the natural levels of bile and acid in the stomach

3. Doing some stretching before exercise. Your exercise routine should include a warm up and cool down. Warming up before exercise increases the blood flow to the muscles and decreases the chances of injuries.

4. Exercise for thirty minutes per day, four to five times a week and watch additional pounds drop. You can start to walk every day. Always choose an exercise which you enjoy and you can assimilate into your lifestyle. It will also increase your energy and improve your health. Regular exercise is a routine you should develop over time, and as time goes on you will love it more and more.

Thirty minutes are no hard rule to follow. Just stop when your body has had enough. Because everybody has limits so do not cross it.

If you do not want to go outside for exercise, you can try to collect information from internet about some easy exercises you can do at home.

5. Cleaning and arranging the house yourself. It would help you lose weight and make your house beautiful. This is especially for housewives who want to reduce extra pounds without spending a penny. There are many activities you can find like arranging the books and clothes, mopping,

6. Wash your vehicle. Every vehicle needs washing on a regular basis to keep in clean. So instead of taking the vehicle to washing station, just wash yourself.

7. Walk while making a phone call. Stand up and move around while making phone calls instead of sitting at your desk. This small step can make you more active.

8. Play with kids. If you have kids in your home, just play and spend some time with them every day. It can be fun.

9. Try different activities. If you want to enjoy more from exercise activities, you should try different things like use different equipment.

10. Walking to places. If you have time, always prefer walking to places that you would normally drive. Also you can park your car few meters away from your destination.

11. Walk while watching TV. If you are watching television, you can walk during commercial breaks. Just get up and take a walk without missing a scene or what is going on.

12. Exercise Videos. You can check out free exercise videos over the internet specially YouTube. This is an option if you have not time to go to gyms to workout. You can download them freely from most of the video sharing websites.

13. Get your family involved. Your weight loss success rate depends on family and friends. So involve your family with the activities that you need to lose weight. You can do this by cooking healthy recipes, doing exercise together. On the weekend you can plan a picnic with your family where you can involve in more physical activities.

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